Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Start of a Torrid Affair with...RUNNING

Running. Sigh. Who knew what started out as a quick jog or two for fitness would turn out to be such an incredible journey and obsession. Oh yes, I did just use the word obsession. Those of you who are runners know exactly what I'm talking about. That warm, fuzzy feeling that starts to become apparent all over your body as run time draws near. Suddenly, life does not seem so tough and horrible as the advent of a lovely afternoon jog approaches.

Maybe you have no clue what I'm talking about. Maybe you've found your way to this blog because your CURIOUS about why anyone in their right mind would want to run for more than 10 minutes, let alone complete a 26.2 mile marathon...or even better, an even longer and harder ULTRA marathon. Maybe you are interested, like I once was, in running to lose weight or improve your level of fitness. Or maybe you want to start running and just aren't quite sure how to do that. Hopefully you will get what you're looking for here. Know that I don't claim to be an expert on running of any sort! I run because I love it, plain and simple. I am not a track star, athlete, personal trainer or coach. I have just completed my 3rd marathon (BOSTON- more about that later) and train the way that works best for me. So as I train for my next big run (Stampede marathon- beginning of July in Calgary) I thought I would blog my training and invite anyone who feels compelled to accompany me on this journey to do so! I hope that the information may prove useful to someone or anyone. Maybe you'll complete your first, tenth or twentieth marathon. Maybe you'll lose some weight. Or just maybe you will begin to understand the peace of mind that those of us who are "running obsessed" gain on a long afternoon jog. Let the torrid affair with this sport we call running begin!

Note that today is training day 1. At least blogging day 1 of training. And we start on a nice, relaxing DAY OFF. So go home after work today. Put your feet up. Watch Oprah or Sportsdesk or whatever else you like to watch. You will need your rest for your long run this week after all!

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