Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi! I'm Henry!

And I'm the newest little runner in the Rice family.  I mean the Rice-Wirvin family!  I was born on August 6th at 3:17pm.

My Auntie Andrea thinks she is a marathoner, but let me tell you, world, my mom is REALLY the marathoner in the family!  I am the product of a totally natural childbirth- what a champ, my mom.  WHAT A CHAMP! 

I can't wait until I'm old enough to go running with my Aunt and Mom and tackle hills with my Pops.  But even if I don't like to run, my Aunt will still love me the most anyway.  I know she will love me no matter what!

Until I am old enough to run, this is how I am preparing...

After all, a true runner knows just how important it is to sleep.  And eat.  And then sleep some more.

And...do Asics come in size newborn?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is How Things Are...

Update!  Very quick!  Too nice for typing!

Weather.  +30C.  Run.  Hill Intervals- 5 medium (45sec), 5 long (70sec), 5 short (30sec).  Intervals in between- Pushups and a variety of squats and jumps.  Total time working.it.out. 1 hour.

Fitness.  Lacking.  This just about killed me.

Inspiration- NEEDED!  Anyone?  Anyone?  NYC beginning to frequent my thoughts.

And now I must swim.  I'm hot.

P.S. Still not an aunt.  But waiting patiently!