Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open Water

So.  It's July 22nd...SLOW DOWN summer!  Why are you trying to go so fast?  I am ENJOYING the lake and the Peg.  I am ENJOYING time with the fam and old friends...I am NOT enjoying the fact that I saw a back to school advertisement coupled with a store that I noticed was already selling gloves and fake Uggs.  No. Not kidding.

Another thing I have been enjoying immensely this sunny summer season are my open water swims!  Yes, that's right, I have been doing tons of swimming this summer since I've been in Kenora at the lake.  Nothing like rolling out of bed at the cottage and into the lake for a bit of water adapted exercise!  It has been a lovely break from all the running I tend to do and it tough, tough work.  Young Hammy and I created our own little route- from the dock to Andrea Island, to the point, then around Bigger Island and back to the dock.  We figure the distance is about 1500m or so, but we also could be way off...sometimes its tough to time when you're swimming straight into the wind!  I should also mention that I forgot that swimming is a tough workout.  My arms get tired FAST.  My legs seem to hold out (hmmm...I wonder why- hee) so it has been a good switcheroo to get some different cardiovascular exercise in.

Also mention-worthy is that it is essentially 2 months until the Chicago Marathon.  Eep!  But in a very un-Andrea Rice-like way, I've decided I'm not even concerned.  I've been doing some running.  Some swimming.  Some workouts at the gym.  Some yoga.  And I've been enjoying it all.  And Chicago will be a fun, fun time regardless of my time in the race.  So I will continue to swim away and enjoy the break my legs are getting...

Oh and one last thing, in case anyone's wondering, I'm a mermaid and always have been.  Yes.  It's true.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Baby

JUST KIDDING!  Of course I don't have a baby!  When the heck would I have had time to have a baby?!

But if I do have one, I would like her (or him) to look just like this one.  Cute.  Very, very cute. 

PS- J and L if you read this, I will not try to steal your baby, I promise!

Back with a Capital B!

Several warm up runs- check.

2nd pace run, average pace 7:18 per mile- check.

1st long training run for Chicago out of the way- check.

Yes, yes yes...I'm back, baby...and with a capital B too!

It feels good to be running again.  Better than good in feels GREAT.  And running around K city rather than dreary old brown town with the lake in the background and a pending post run swim each and every time I hit the pavement is even more fabulous!  I heart summer.  Yes I do!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I know that all of you have been pining away for a post from me.  I'm sure you're wondering how you've survived this long without one.  That is in between enjoying the beautiful summer and a few summers in a can.  Ha. 

And just to add insult to injury, I don't have much to say, except that training for Chicago is well under way.  Don't worry- I'll keep you posted by posting more frequently.

Peace out.