Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Running Stressed

It's Christmas time (well in a month it is, anyway...) and people are STRESSED!

The pressure of finding the perfect gifts for all of the wonderful people in your life, organizing time to spend with family and friends, preparing for a big trip away...Christmas...wonderful AND stressful!

Do yourself a favour. Go running. Keep running. And even better, do it outside in the crisp winter air. Trust me, all that fresh air and those lovely little exercise induced endorphins will reduce your stress level and keep you smiling and humming those Christmas carols.

For an excellent read on running stressed, check out the following article from Runner's World...


Take a second and have a look- it just might save you this Christmas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


That’s it. My running purist days are over. Yep, that’s right. O-V-E-R.

I’m going to start training with a gadget. And that gadget is a Garmin!

Garmin- a lovely little wrist-watch type GPS that keeps track of:

Heart Rate
Where in the world you are running
Where you are in relation to your goal pace (note: I plan on ALWAYS being ahead- hee)
Lap times

And I’m sure a zillion more things that I haven’t even figured out yet.

I must give credit where credit is due…the Garmin was purchased for me by my biggest and tallest fan for my birthday upon returning from his never ending trip to the Sahara Desert. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for a running crazed lunatic like me! Anyhow, I went for my first official run with my Garmin on Sunday. Those of you who know me well will know that I have a wee bit of a competitive side, and Garmin sure does nurture that competitive side! I was in a MAJOR race with Garmin. MAJOR. It really, really did push me to run much faster than I normally would…so I do believe this is going to be revolutionary for me. That’s right- all sorts of good can only come of this as I will train harder, faster and smarter, all thanks to that little gem on my wrist…and to the tall guy who purchased it!

Second: There is going to be a revolution. A running one. Let’s just call it a Running Revolution. Deets to follow. Stay tuned…

P.S.- AC is running the Santa Barbara marathon in just a short 19 days! Wow. Nice work, lady! The Winterstart crew is certain that you are going to rock it out. Rock.It.Out. Especially since you aren’t even the slightest bit concerned about a bathroom pit stop. Hee. PLEASE everyone- positive thoughts and energy her way through the last little bit of training and for the race!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Up The Mountain We Went!

Ains and Pyb came. We ran. We flipped. We did not get kicked out of our hotel. A monumental Winterstart for sure.

I should mention that it was a fabulous night for a run. Just as one should picture an evening run in the town of Banff…lovely snow falling against the mountain and tree back drop…picturesque indeed! Albeit a bit slick! But I am happy to report that no one wiped out on the run. After the bar on the way home, however, was an entirely different matter; and no, it wasn’t me! Luckily enough the only injury was to the “pride” as this lovely reported to the RCMP officer who witnessed the fall. Too bad this didn’t translate into a ride back to the hotel!

I would like to share the following (FUNNY) Winterstart results with ya’ll…

204 28/213 F3039 843 Andrea RICE Calgary 43:50 8:46
205 29/213 F3039 254 Amanda ELLIS Calgary 43:51 8:47
206 30/213 F3039 842 Ainsley RICE Winnipeg 43:51 8:47

Why so funny? Well, for starters, Ellis didn’t run as she is nursing an injured knee. So Ains ran with her own chip timer AND Ellis’…just because…and Ains and I ran together…so it’s VERY funny that Ellis managed to appear ahead of her in the results! Hee. Anyhow, another Winterstart bites the dust. And I hope to recover in time to participate next year.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yes! It's finally here. WINTERSTART! Love Winterstart! LIVE for Winterstart! So excited for a weekend of fun and shenanigans with my peeps in Banff!

A small list of the things I have been looking forward to re: Winterstart...

1. Ains and Pyb making the annual trek for the event
2. Visiting with the larger group of "those girls" of which I am a card holding member and proud of it!
3. Wine, beer and hopefully NO shooters!
4. Flippy cup. Really, I left this for number 4?
5. Staying out of trouble (?) and hopefully out of jail. Eep! Good thing we have lawyers in the group (at least 4 or so I'm told...)

And lest I forget, the "intended" purpose of the yearly fun that is Winterstart...the run up (2.5 miles UP the mountain, and then 2.5 down) Tunnel Mountain on Saturday night. What could be better than a quick 5 mile night run complete with snowflakes and glow sticks. FUN!

One more thing...I also need to mention that my biggest and tallest fan is here! Yay! After a LONG almost 3 month wait, he is finally here. And although he won't be in Banff for the race, I am looking damn forward to the care he will provide me on Sunday post run, which will certainly be more for my post Winterstart hangover.