Monday, September 27, 2010

New Kicks

I have new kicks!  Asics (I know, SHOCKING...Ok- not really shocking) 2150's.  And I love them.  Just like plump little pillows on my feet.  Happy feet, happy knees, happy hips.  Happy, happy, happy.

And still on a happy note, they're purple!  Yes!  I love purple!  It's just so lovely when fashion and function come together, yes?  I hate to admit it but I have gone from running store to running store when the colour choice in my model did not impress me.  Often different stores carry different colours, just in case you didn't know.  Now you do!

One more happy thing.  Checked out the Chicago course online today.  Haven't looked at that thing since I signed up way back in February.  And guess what?  It's flat.  YES!  FLAT!  This is generally not a huge concern as I do train a lot of hills, but since this one is just for fun, I think I'll enjoy that flat course.  Take it all in.  Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment as the lulutians like to say.

Who knew so much happiness could happen on a Monday?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


A few little nuggets of running and fitness wisdom for ya'll my fine friends, just in case you are starved for a sordid tale from the pathway.  If only my life were that interesting...

A word about maintenance.  Race season is quickly coming to a close for many people.  Alternatively, even if you're not a racer, the weather will be turning soon enough (or now if you live in Calgary, current weekend weather not included) and for most of you, less running that will mean.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to maintain sense of endurance over the long winter months while still giving the bod a bit of a well-deserved break.

Personally, I like to scale back to about three runs a week in the off season.  I still keep in the habit of doing one longer, slower run.  Although distance wise, this longer run is much shorter than my usual longer run; I would not be out for more than 90 minutes.  Another run will be a 60 minute pace or tempo type run and then the third will be a speed interval OR a hill workout, but nothing crazy.  Alternatively, you could look at scaling back to 2 runs per week and getting involved in some alternative form of cardio- swimming, biking, whatever you like, really, anything to get that heart pumping.  The off season is when I really suggest people hit the gym to tune up all those running muscles.  Getting strong in the gym over the fall and winter often translates into an injury free running season which is always a fabulous thing.  And of course, stretching...lots and lots of stretching...I would encourage yoga, but in front of your TV at night works well too!

And one more thing...I trained a person today.  She shall remain nameless.  In fact, let's just call her Eunice.  A quick word about Eunice.  One- she's lost a TON of weight on her own.  Amazing.  I hope she realizes just how amazing it really is.  Two- she doesn't consider herself an athlete.  I disagree.  In the gym today she did a fabulous job.  I can tell right from the start that she has drive and determination- qualities that are indeed rare, my friends!  Three- she wants to learn to run.  And so learning to run we are.  We are working a 5k running program which she will dominate, of this I am certain.  November 14th- we have a date with a 5k!  Yes, yes, yes!  SO exciting!  I am honoured to be included on her journey.

And one more small thing...


T-15 days.  Can.Not.Wait.

I can.  And I will. 

Peace out.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I think everyone should read this...

That's right- EVERYONE.

It's certainly not about running, but is a tribute to an amazingly humble athlete.  This is a dude you want your kids to look up to.  Seriously.


And just in case anyone missed it...

He won it all!  The man is a machine.

As the US Open slogan says..."It really MUST be love!"

So a bit of a tennis reprieve, but not to worry, next time we'll be back to the very meat of this blog.  The running part.  The very meaty running part...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tennis Love

A gal can dream, can't she?

Crush.  A huge one.  Now if only I were just a bit younger...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is what pain looks like.  Officially.  And yet I'm doing another...and very, very shortly

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Always Look on the Bright Side of Your Life

This morning I woke up, albeit a wee bit later than usual thanks to a long, late night, hard fought Trivial Pursuit, to do my usual Sunday morning tempo run.  And to be honest and truthful, I had to spend a bit of time convincing myself out of bed, into my running clothes and out onto the mean streets of Calgary.  It was a grey, gloomy and chilly morning.  Admittedly, I'm much more motivated for a morning run when it's a beautiful, hot and sun-shiny day!

Anyhow, not only was it gloomy and chilly, it was raining.  Not too hard when I started, more like a gentle mist, but as the run progressed it rained harder, harder and harder.  And the last 20 minutes were spent in an outright deluge.  Ugh.  My shoes and socks were soaked and squishy, my hair was drenched and I had mud splattered all the way up the back of my legs.  And this is where the story begins...

Truthfully, for a moment, I was a bit annoyed at the rain and the weather and the mud.  And then I got to thinking...

I am RUNNING.  And on a Sunday morning after a great Saturday night spent with friends.  On one of my favourite running routes in Calgary.  With a full day off to look forward to.  And in spite of the rain, I just felt FANTASTIC.

So fantastic in fact, that I was running along with a huge smile on my face.  A massive smile.  I even started to giggle at one point.  I cruised by a fellow runner who actually commented that he had never seen someone running with such a big smile on their face, which, of course, caused me to smile an even bigger smile.

Why the smile, you ask?  Well, as I mentioned before, I got to thinking.

I was running.  Just because.  I went running because I wanted to and that was it.  Because I could...

I wasn't running away from bombs or guns or war.  Only because I'm fortuate enough to live in this spectacular place called Canada.  People in many, many places all over the world aren't so lucky.  They often spend their days running from bombs and guns in conflicts that have nothing to do with them.  How scary this is I cannot even imagine.

I wasn't running away from persecution based on my race, gender, or religious affiliation.  Freedom is a beautiful thing isn't it?

And while I'm on the topic of freedom, there I was, a woman, and I was running by myself...I didn't have to be escorted outside of my home into my community by my father, brother or husband.  Nor did I have to have every part of what makes me a woman covered because I can choose NOT to be covered if I don't want to be.  I don't think I can overstate that FREEDOM really is a beautiful thing, yes? 

I was not running in fear...of anyone or anything.  I feel safe running whenever and wherever I run. This simply is not the case for many people who live in places wrought with significant criminal activity.  Lucky me.

I was running because I have two legs that take me wherever I want to go whenever I ask them to.  My lungs and my heart and my bod serve me well each and every day; and believe me- I'm HARD on this bod!  Many, many people in this world simply don't have the benefit of good health.  I am so thankful for mine.

I was running on a Sunday morning because I had a day off...a day off to do whatever I please.  I have had the good fortune of an education and opportunities that afford me the ability to enjoy a day like this.  I know many others don't have the opportunity to run because their only focus is survival and the basics- food, shelter, water, making ends meet.  There simply isn't time in their lives for something as frivilous a run on a rainy Sunday morning.  Again- lucky me.

I was not running from my past.  Believe me, I've spent some time trying to outrun my past and it sure gets exhausting!  Those days are over, my friends.  I'm now going to accept my past as a part of who I am today.  I have made mistake- many of them-and I'll probably make many more, but I'm just a person doing the best I can with what I have.  Everyone has a story.  So rather than run from mine, I'm going to embrace it.  Give it a great big old hug if you will.  Today I just chose to run in the moment.  It wasn't about the past and I sure didn't worry about the future.  I just appreciated every little thing about my run in the rain.  I took it all in.  And I just had to smile. 

So?  Long weekend! Is everyone having a good one?  I'm sure people are camping, hiking, biking, running, swimming and are trying to squeeze in a last bit of summer despite the weather. Whatever you're out there doing...

I hope you're finding something to smile about!