Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Re-committing to Health and Fitness

Oh my- that was a LONG weekend. And by LONG I mean fun, fun and more fun. And where there is fun there is usually a shame spiral, followed by a serious re-commitment to health and fitness. For those of you that are not privy to such language, the shame spiral often occurs after a long weekend of bingeing- on food, wine, and liquor. It is a generally a horrible and shameful feeling (thus the shame spiral) that involves profuse re-commitment to health and fitness once it’s over. So, now that we have covered what has happened on the long weekend (note: please read above definition of shame spiral) we can get to the recommitting part.

I really do have to be honest…I have not been running since Friday. I KNOW. Sacrilege for those of you who love to run and train as I do. Truth be told I am having some minor problems with my calf muscles. Specifically, they are retaining a ton of fluid. At this point I’m not really sure if this is due to the booze and food I plied myself with this weekend or if it a sign of something more serious…like…GASP- an INJURY! I’ve done some reading and am concerned that it could be something like compartment syndrome. Anyhow, regardless of what it is, I made the executive decision that an extra day off or so wouldn’t be harmful so I am going to head out for a quick little jog after yoga today.

So if you had a weekend like mine (hopefully you did- despite the spiral it was TONS of fun), rest assured you will bounce back quickly once you have recommitted to health and fitness. I would suggest, with the run looming in the not so far future, that you do it soon!

PS- If you’re following my schedule, Wednesday is speed interval day! Good luck, sprint fast and happy recovery!

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