Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just So You Know...

I haven't been running for 1 week. 

And I feel a bit like a crazed maniac.  Like a caged animal.  Like a prisoner in my own body.

Maybe a bit of an exaggeration on all fronts, but I'm PISSED.  I was working extra hard to get this bod ready for some intense marathon training.  And then I got bronchitis.  Not the doctor diagnosed kind, but the self diagnosed kind in which I cannot stop hacking (the nurse at work informed me this is damaging my lungs; sorry lungs) and I feel like I'm breathing through a straw.

Oprah and Dr.Phil, you were distracting for a couple of days, but I'm over you now.  I just want to go running.  Do you hear that universe?  DO YOU HEAR IT?  I don't ask for a lot (at least I don't think I do)...but I am going to ask for this.  Please.  For the sake of my sanity.  Cure this damn bronchitis and LET ME RUN.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a Running Explosion!

At least it is according to the people at lulu...

One chaney and I were in one of the mall lulu's on Saturday...which we decided was completely against the lulu philosophy...and we were informed by a rather chipper luluite (or is it lulutian?)  that "Running is exploding this year."

It made me gigle. I pictured this...

But instead of fire I pictured all of these mini runners bursting out of the explosion and scurrying every which way.  Interesting.  Ok- maybe just weird.

Please people.  Can we weigh in on this?  First of all- is running REALLY exploding this year?  And more importantly- is it luluite or lulutian?

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, we weren't really lost, but it sure turned into a LONG one!

Christmas day. The fam and I decided to head out for a know the feeling, after eating and drinking and eating and drinking and napping and eating some more, it was high time we got our Christmas bods out there and did something good for them. I should mention that we were in Florida in Del Boca Vista (think the Seinfeld's retirement community) which is quite pleasant. Perhaps we could even call it Pleasantville. Anyhow, we set out for a bit of a jog and we (in all honesty it was me) got a bit turned around. And we came out a few miles further from home than we expected. Oops.

So in fine Rice-Wirvin form, we kept slogging away, a term I use very loosely since slogging in shorts and a t-shirt on a clear, paved golf cart path in +15 is much different from slogging in multi-layers through ice and snow in -30. And we finally did make it home. Just in time to eat a guilt-free, carb-loaded Christmas dinner. Yum. And in the process, we created a new challenge. Every year on Christmas, we will run one mile further than the previous Christmas. Which means next Christmas we will be out for a nice little 11 mile jaunt. Take that Christmas baking. Take that.

New Year, New Year's Resolutions and New Challenges! EXCITING! Anyone dong anything crazy? Running a new distance? Embarking on training to improve times? Triathlons? Anyone? Me, I joined a running group! Yep, that's right...I am no longer a solitary runner. I am a groupie. The group is through Mount Royal College and is predominantly for speed work. This is exciting as doing those damn intervals is tough on your own. I found it a little too easy to talk myself out of them. Being part of a group makes me just a wee bit more accountable. Last night was the first session...we did a warm up and some agility stuff and then did a 6 minute fartlek (alternating slow/fast running), followed by a 1 km time trial. And some core work. Yes, yes, yes it's going to be a good year!