Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Run Because...

Guess what, my legions of faithful blog followers (maybe not legions, but a gal can dream...)!?

June 1st is National Running Day.  Yes, that's right, NATIONAL RUNNING DAY.

Just think, a whole day devoted to running!  Fabulous!

And here's what I think we all should do.  This is a bit of a challenge...a call out if you will...

I think we should ALL go out running.  That's right.  WE SHOULD ALL GO RUNNING.  You should.  And you should.  And you, and you and you.  Let's do it.  If you've never run before, I promise that you can do it.  Simply put on your shorts (it WILL be sunny- as if it would rain on National Running Day :), lace up your shoes and hit the pavement running.  Just run until you feel like you need a bit of a break,  have a quick walk and then run again.  Yes, yes, yes...YOU CAN.  If you haven't run for a really long time, I know those first steps will be challenging and will feel tough, but I promise, if you just take those few first steps, your body will remember and you body will thank you.  Just put one foot in front of another and keep going.  You will feel amazing.  If you're a regular runner, take someone new with you when you run on Wednesday.  Even if its just for a quick 20 minute jog.  Share with them YOUR running story because you...yes, you...YOU are a RUNNER.  You are not a person that runs to keep in shape, you are a RUNNER.  Be proud of that.  Share it with someone and tell them how much you love it and why it is a regular part of your life.  Inspire just 1 person with your story and maybe that person will feel your dedication and pride and take the steps they need to commit to their own healthy lifestyle.

Why do I run?  Well, it's simple, really...
I run because it gives me peace in my mind and happiness in my heart.

This is my reason- what's yours?  I'd love it if people could share why they run by commenting on my blog.  I know I have a few readers out there in the universe- don't be shy!  Tell the world why you run.  There are millions of reasons.  Maybe you run so you can eat Breyer's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream whenever you want (um, this is my second reason for running :).  Or maybe you run so you can chase the woman of your dreams when you finally meet her.  Perhaps you run because you want to live to see 80...or 90...or 100!  Trust me, everyone has their reasons, and I'd love to know what they are.   If you're shy, you can always leave an anonymous comment, but please, do leave one! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Athletic and Awesome

TG for tennis majors.  The man truly is machine.  Plus, he's humble.  Heart.
Photo courtesy of the Roland Garros website-
Does anyone have an in for me?  Does he like older women? 

A gal can dream, can't she?

Monday, May 9, 2011


I think the title sums up quite nicely the experience I had last weekend running the Vancouver marathon.

Wow, did it hurt.  Big time.

Me running.  I am focused, hopefully not on the pain! 
Proof is courtesy of Marathon Foto

Marathons are usually a painful endeavour.  I have yet to run one without being some kind of sore, but this one, this beautiful but hilly course in Vancouver sure did a number on my legs.

Rewind just a bit and recall that I had set a very difficult time standard for myself for this race; I had hoped to run a sub 3 hour marathon.  but as my good friend Christine likes to say, hope is NOT a strategy and that certainly proved to be true in this case.  To be truthful, the level of training I needed to put in to get to this incredibly difficult standard simply did not happen the way it needed to.  Blame it on the weather, blame it on my busy schedule, blame it on whatever you will, I simply didn't make it enough of a priority for this to happen.

If I sound disappointed, I should mention that I am most certainly NOT!  I have mentioned previously that completing a 3 hour road race is a gruelling undertaking no matter which way you look at it.  Even if the time doesn't end up being quite what you expected, there is still a rainbow (usually several, actually) at the end of the race.  In this case, mine was that I managed to place first in my age category, a result that was most unexpected but welcome none the less.  And I have to say that my final time of 3:13 on a course that tough is an accomplishment that I am very pleased with. 

The bottom line is, of course, that the sun was shining, the course was beautiful and I was running and loving it.  What could possibly be disappointing about that? 

From a training and a racing perspective, for those of you that may apply this to your own running experiences, I believe I need to focus more on getting  middle distance runs completed at my marathon goal pace.  This will be the focus of my training for the next little while.  I was really quite happy with my front end speed in Vancouver, especially since I am a bit of  slow starter- the warm up I blogged about pre-race definitely helped with that.  I just didn't have the endurance I needed to hold onto the pace on that particular day...

...but I will.  I most definitely will and am already excited for what the next run may bring!

P.S. Check out the lululemon  homepage- you just may recognize someone...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Here is a picture of me at the start of the 2011 BMO Vancouver Marathon.  If you recall, I ran in this marathon.  In case you're wondering, my legs are STILL reminding me that I ran in this marathon- ouch.

Photo Courtesy of the Vancouver Sun- Ian Smith- PNG

Bonus points for anyone who can find me.  Hint: I am wearing a lovely blue-green t-shirt and am doing something strange with my head.  I'm going to say I was mid sneeze.

Post race report to follow as soon as I find some time to do it!  Happy trails to those of you who are (finally) enjoying your runs in the lovely spring weather and sunshine.