Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please Note.

Just in case people are wondering (and I know you all spend hours wondering what I'm up to these days- hee), it is official, I am registered for the Manitoba Marathon! 

The run takes place on June 20th this year (hoping for heat...crazy, but I LOVE running in the heat) and is a lovely, FLAT and fast course.  I am excited.  Should be a great day.  Now I just have to train.  Ah, the details of this whole running adventrue...

Second.  I would love to give a shout out to my peeps at the Tech Shop on 4th Street in Calgary.  Nolan and staff, you guys are FABULOUS!  Always cheerful and excited about running.  And as for the crew in the half marathon training on Tuesday, Thursday nights and Sunday morning...well, you guys rock.  I am totally impressed with your dedication and running prowess.  Last night we hit a VERY steep hill for 8 repeats, and each and every one of you did a fabulous job.  That was one tough hill!  Running comrades, please see Nolan and staff at the Tech Shop for all of your running needs- shoes, gear, gel, industrial strength bras (that's for you CH), advice, running gait analysis...these guys really do have you covered!  The Tech Shop- 4th Street

Third.  One last small deet.  ARJR, CH and I hit up the Banff Springs over the weekend.  LOVELY.  The only not so lovely thing??  The boot camp we attended in an attempt to "earn" our dinner on Saturday night.  More on that to follow...but let's just say I'm still sore...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Add Me To Your Running Playlist!

Oh what a gem of a running song!  Cheesy- yes!  Infantile- yes!  Better suited to high school girlies- yes!

But a good beat for running nonetheless.  I highly recommend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Curve Ball

Oh Life, just when I thought I had you figured out, you throw me a curve ball!

Strange isn't it, how we get comfortable in our little lives...and then suddenly everything can change.  And In a New York Minute too, just like my buddies Glenn Frey and Don Henley have reminded us in the past...

Don't you just love this song?  I do.  It had worked its way out of my rotation for a bit and now I'm glad to report that its right back in there.  Like swim wear, if you will.

Back to the curve ball.  It's as if something in the universe forces us along in our evolution as people, yes?  I mean, the status quo is a pretty comfy place to be, but sometimes in the status quo we forget that we always need to keep workin' away because we can always be better.  More evolved.  More calm.  I think sometimes we forget that when we are comfy in the status quo...and then the universe reminds us...even if its just with a wee shift and we get back to the business of keepin' on keepin' on.  After all, it really is about the journey and not the destination.

So the curve ball or the universal shift has happend for me lately.  And what do I do? I do the one thing that I know will make me feel better, take the curve out of the ball and re-establish the calm and positive energy in my life...I go running.  At least for that 1 hour or 2 my mind will be at peace and I might even consider my self sane.  Because in all honesty, do any of us really know where this crazy life will take us?  Not at all.  So the best thing to do (before, during and after the curve ball or the NY minute) is to enjoy the moment you're in and the people you're sharing it with.  We can sure try to plan for the future but we just never know where the journey will take us.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Run Fast...FASTER!

Lately I seem to be fielding many questions regarding speed training or speed intervals.

Most of the questions sound something like this...

"Andrea, I'm not a serious runner, I just want to finish the half or full marathon.  Do I really have to do speed intervals?"

Well people, lets get real.  Obviously if you are not vying for the "Marathoner or Half-Marathoner of the Year" trophy, then you don't have to do any kind of running that you don't or think you won't enjoy. 


And it's a big BUT...

The speed intervals are invaluable to your training.  Why?  Because at some point during the race you have entered into, your body will start to build lactic acid, a by-product that is created by your body when it becomes inefficient in delivering those lovely little bits of oxygen to your muscles as the race progresses.  Truth?  This is not a nice feeling at all.  However, if you train your body to deal with this adversity during workouts like speed intervals, you will have an easier time dealing with it in the race.  The body will remember what it feels like and it will just keep on cruisin'.  Your intervals do not have to be hard core.  They don't have to be on a track and they don't even really have to be timed if that isn't your thing.  But you are doing yourself a huge favour is you include this type of training at least every couple of weeks.  It can be as simples as pushing your pace really damn hard for a few minutes and then slowing to a jog for a couple of minutes and then speeding up again when you feel ready.  Yes it's hard.  Yes it hurts.  But you will enjoy your race a lot more in the end.  I promise.

So get out there!  What are you waiting for?  Run fast!  And then a bit faster!   Picture yourself being chased  by these guys and pick up the pace!  You will be happy you did!