Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm B-A-C-K

Not that I went anywhere, but it seems I've been neglecting my blog. Oops. Life just got in the way, I suppose...a quick trip to Monday night football in New Orleans, a cold, Christmas baking and shopping, being stuck in nasty winter traffic induced by the current not runner friendly weather we've been having...

Two things.

One- please watch these videos. They're about 90 seconds each. They will help you to purchase new shoes. It's smart use of time. Promise. They will help you determine if you are an over-pronator, under pronator or a neutral runner.

Two- I've joined a running group. We do speedwork at the track at MRC on Thursday nights and there is an optional group long run on Sunday that leaves from the Parkdale area. SO excited. The target race for the group is a half but I'm going to run the Manitoba full instead. Yes, yes, yes. Already can't wait.

Peace out.