Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Note: VERY Important

Very important...

Please see previous post re: running and your bowels.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT consume pea soup with ham before your long run.

It is a very bad idea indeed.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bowels of Running

Beautiful sunny day. Pathways clear of snow and ice. Birds chirping. Ipod blaring. Feet moving. When it happens...

My stomach starts to rumble and grumble...and I am FRANTICALLY wondering where the next bathroom I will come across is as my bowels are clearly pissed with me. I'm not really sure what they are pissed about- the food I've ingested (which lately has been very healthy- see post entitled "Over over indulgence), the fact that I'm running in the morning or the fact that I'm running at all. Whatever the reason, my bowels decided that now is the time and they're not going to wait...

Sound familiar? Stomach problems while running are actually quite common...I know those of you who have experienced this are breathing a sigh of relief that there isn't anything seriously wrong with you; I know I did! But just because there isn't anything wrong with you doesn't make this suck any less. There is nothing worse than looking forward to a nice, long, SLOW jog when suddenly you find yourself sprinting for the bushes and wondering why you didn't bring any toilet paper with you!

Is this phenomenon avoidable? I suppose for some...but there are those of us for which none of the usual tricks seem to work. You can always try the the following...

1. Try eating smaller meals more frequently
2. Find the things that don't make your stomach revolt, remember them and try to consistently eat them before you run
3. Stay hydrated- all the time, but especially on running days! Water, water water!
4. Remember that even what you eat the day before may affect your run
5. Grease- bad. Sugar- bad. Fat- bad. Booze- bad. Not all the time, but bad before runs for sure!
6. And if all else fails...plot your run around bathroom pit stops! And pocket some toilet paper on your way out!

So happy running! Hopefully your bowels will be happy with running too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


P.S. It was -47 with the windchill in Winnipeg this morning. -47 people. I am wondering if any of the Winnipeg lovelies made it out for a run in that...if you did- hats off to you my friends...that is dedication at its finest. I am NOT worthy.

The Cardio Machine

No, I am not talking about the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. I AM referring to one of the lovelies who is training for the half marathon with me. Let’s just say her name is…
Nikki Carrington.

Wow. Does this woman have cardiovascular fitness. She is CRAZY when it comes to those machines. Thus the name “cardio machine”. When I picture her on an elliptical, I picture the words “Give ‘er” scrolling across the bottom. She is in fabulous shape. So much so, that I think this half marathon business will be a piece of cake for her. Realistically, she has nothing to worry about fitness wise, and I think that as soon as she starts upping her mileage in the long training runs she is going to realize that not only is the half well within her reach, but probably the full is something she could do too. Or at least I hope so.

ANYHOW…nice work Nikki Carrington. I do admire your cardio prowess.

And to quote one ARice Junior…

That is all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Marathoners!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday…


Nice work, Rice. And nice work Pam (her training partner who is also running). I see blistering marathon times in your future and qualifying for Boston with time to spare. How fun would it be to go down to Boston as a large contingent to run the marathon? Anyhow, best of luck with the training; I do commend you ladies for your sheer determination in running outdoors in the Peg in the -40’s! It makes me feel VERY wimpy that I layered up for a nice morning run in Calgary when it was a mere -8!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Over Over Indulgence

Has it really been since July that I've blogged? One would think that all the running has come to a grinding halt. Well, let me re-assure you, it has not. Definitely NOT. Because if it had, I would be writing this from a mental institution. I do need some good old fashion exertion in the form of running for my mental health.

ANYHOW. I am done with the over-indulgence of the holidays. DONE. No more. That's it. I realized this morning as I was dressing in my civilian clothing (real pants and a bra) that perhaps stuffing my face with baking, chocolates and booze and then living in sweats or lulus for 2 whole weeks was maybe not the smartest idea. My civilian uniform just didn't feel like it fit quite right. It was either the face stuffing or, as my dear friend and I just had an email conversation about, it may have been the laundry gnomes. You know, those nasty little laundry gnomes that sneak into your place and shrink all of your clothing over the holidays? Well they spent a GREAT deal of time at my place, particularly washing all of my work pants in very, very hot water and then putting them in the dryer. Then they hide in places (i.e. under your bed) and giggle amongst themselves as they watch you attempt to squeeze your thighs into the pants that they have recently doctored in the laundry. Nasty, nasty little creatures.

The long and the short of it is this. Something must be done to counteract the overindulgence...and I can't think of anything better than some marathon training. Whether you're doing the full or the half, let's get on it people! After all May is a mere months away!

Which brings me to my next little tidbit...a very exciting little morsel indeed...

I am training a group for the Calgary half on the 31st of May! I'm super excited that these 5 lovely young ladies have signed up for this. I am super confident that they will do so well with their training and will rock the Calgary half on the 31st. More than rock it...they will OWN that sucker...Most of them, I'm quite certain could rock a half out today after work if they really wanted to, but all of them seem to be lacking a bit of confidence in their level of fitness so we will work it out. Work. It. Out.

So my posts will continue (hopefully on a regular basis) and will be focused around the half training these ladies are doing. I am not going to run the Calgary half or full myself since I want to be at the finish when my very capable half marathon stars cross the line! I am however, training for the Vancouver full on the 3rd of May so I should have lots to say about that!

And just one more little thing...actually its a HUGE thing as far as I'm concerned. A MASSIVE, HUGE congratulations to JAMIE ALLISON (whom I met in Boston last year) for her absolutely astounding run in December where she totally DESTROYED her time goal and qualified for Boston with flying colours! I ran Boston last year and met her husband Michael on the bus out to the starting point. I am very excited to say that both Jamie and Michael will be running in Boston this year. Nice work you two! I will be tracking your progress!