Sunday, January 20, 2013


So many things.  SO MANY!  Where to start?

Its been a busy, busy month.  Starting a new career adventure brings about highs and lows, laughter and (a few) tears, but most of all, a ton of learning and a whole new lesson in time management! 

True fact.  Very true.  There is ALWAYS time.  You make it because you just do.  Because you have to, want to, need to.  You just do, and it's worth it every time!

This morning, I did a long run on the track.  Second long run second week in a row that I had to make the choice: -33 plus windchill OR around and around on the track.  And since I'm learning to love winter, I chose to go around and around on the track.  Winter may be beautiful, but its damn cold here in the city that rhymes with fun!

Beautiful.  Sunny.  Damn cold!

On that note, I should add that my run on the track today, it was fabulous.  Yep, it sure was.  Why?  I had a buddy!  My first Regina running buddy!  Running is awesome on so many levels in its own right, but add in a new friend with great conversation, and suddenly going around and around on the track for an hour and forty minutes passes in the blink of an eye.  I should also mention that my Regina running buddy is an inspirational rockstar.  Seriously.  This woman is up to some pretty amazing things.  In a nutshell: full time mother (wee CS is just over a year), full time lawyer, full time wife (which is really like having 2 kids or so I'm told by my married friends), AND full time runner.  Boston bound in April, which to those who know running, will understand that to earn a spot in this coveted marathon is feat in its own right.  A tricky schedule to juggle no doubt, but she does it none the less.  While she's the first to admit it isn't always perfect, she manages to get it all in. Authentic  Inspirational.  And just plain awesome.  She is going to rock those Newton hills in Boston like no ones business.

If you're wondering how I met such a rockstar runner, I should tell you its a funny story.  I actually e-stalked her.  Found her name in some race results, a quick google search and several Sunday runs later, we have had the best conversations and I look forward to each and every run- track or outside in the freezing cold- because I just love hearing what she's up to.  Training for an endurance event is an amazing experience.  Having someone to share it with?  It's just the sprinkles on the (vanilla) icing on top of the (chocolate) cupcake.

And on that note, I must stretch.  And shower.  But maybe not in that order. #runnersunite.  Happy.