Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Items of Consequence

Several items of consequence since my last post.  I will do my best to be brief.

1. The 14.5 mile Half Marathon
Oh the humanity.  To those ladies who ran in the Rocky Mountain Soap Half Marathon last weekend in Canmore, you can now inform those near and dear to you that you completed a 14.5 mile run...which is a full 1.4 miles longer than a half marathon.  Apparently the race organizer had to get creative with the course and opted on lengthening the course rather than shortening.  Interesting.  Very, very tough when you have wrapped your head around and trained for a 13.1 mile run!  I should also note that the last 5k were straight uphill and that there wasn't any water at the finish line.  Nice work to all those who stuck it out and finished.  An incredibly difficult run for sure, and it was hot to boot!

2. Bowness Park
Last weekend I went for a run in Bowness Park.  To be fair, it wasn't totally in Bowness Park.  We started around Home road and hit up "Blood and Guts Hill" and made our way through Bowness Park on the pathway.  On the way back we switched it up and ran the trails.  What a spectacular run!  And right here in the middle of Calgary...who knew?  I will definitley be making the trek over that way again.  Also, please note that I almost fell in the river only once. 

3. Manitoba Marathon
I am a month out of the marathon!  Can you believe it?  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I can't.  I suddenly feel as if there is a lot of preparation to do and a very short window to do it in.  Yikes.  Better be hitting those trails like no ones business. 

4. Calgary Marathon
The Caglary marathon is this coming weekend!  YESYESYES!!  So exciting!  Look forward to seeing CH and my running group at the finish!  Just checked the weather- partly sunny and 13- a great day for a run!

Friday, May 14, 2010


What a weekend for a run!  Are you running this weekend, people?  ARE YOU?  Today?  Tomorrow?  Sunday?

Well, if you're not, then you should be.  More perfect weather for a run, I cannot imagine.  In fact, I was dreading my 3+ hours this afternoon until I woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures...and now I'm just downright excited.  So get out into the world and go for a jog, peeps!  Try it!  You might just fall in love...

But that's not what this post is about.

Its about this:

I know two people who are hitting the trail this weekend for this half marathon.  And I just know they are going to be amazing.  I am super impressed that they commited to the training for this run.  Both are busy moms with a lot on the go, so to make this committment and follow through, well... I think it's nothing short of spectacular! 

This run is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and supports supports breast cancer and  environmental initiatives.  I really do have to hand it to the female sector of the pop.  I mean, the xx faction is just better at organizing for a cause- no?  I think this looks like an incredible weekend; there are 6k, 12k and half marathon distances.  I volunteered at package pickup on Wednesday and I was impressed with each and every woman that has committed to a race distance.  For some, this will be the very first time they have done a race like this- EXCITING!  And on their behalf, I am putting nothing but good running vibes out into the universe for them.  How can you not be positive on a day like today?  I should also mention for my thousands and thousands of devote followers (sigh- a gal can dream) in One Great City (that would be Winnipeg) that there is going to be an RMS Women's Run in the dub in August.  Check it out if you're interested- RMS Women's Run- Winnipeg

So good luck to all!  But especially to KG and CES!  Have fun, enjoy the sunshine, and just take it all in.  Breathe, relax, and appreciate the moment.  See you at the finish line!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Etiquette 101

Running lovelies!

Just last week I received the following letter in my email…

Dear All-knowing, All-Seeing Running Guru Andrea:
A few weeks ago, I happened to run past a large running group consisting of about 25 people near 4th Street. At this point, they were just congregating around each other and stretching, so I ran around them and continued on my way at a comfortable pace. A few minutes later, I was swarmed by the running group on all sides and I was actually bumped and nearly tripped by runners passing and cutting in front of me...

I know I wasn't running as fast as them, but is it really necessary for physical contact? It's not like its race day. I actually stopped and crossed the street to avoid them.

Is there any running etiquette these days? What side of the road should we be running on? Do we run with traffic or against traffic? Should we only pass on the left? What are your thoughts?

Sincerely- Almost Road Kill

Let me begin by quoting a certain someone who is near and dear to my heart…


Well, Road Kill, these people are sure lucky they didn’t trample over me, because I may have jerseyed each and every one of them. And then round house kicked them. Thanks goodness there are even tempered and calm individuals such as you in this world or there would be random episodes of kicking and jerseying all over the running path!

As far as the etiquette thing goes, I think it’s more about common courtesy and sense, but since these people were obviously lacking in that department, let me respond to your questions.

1. If you are running on a path, stay to the right. When you are on the right side, try to not float around the centre line, making it a bit easier for people to pass you on the left!

2. If you are running on the road- run on the left side INTO traffic (although I don’t recommend this there are times when it must be done). This is the opposite of biking where you would go with traffic.

3. As far a passing on the left, this is the status quo. HOWEVER- if I’m passing, I generally try to accomplish this in the least intrusive way possible.

4. If you are running in a group, you DO NOT have the right of way just because you have more people!  You still need to stay on one side of the path.  When you come up on other runners or walkers it is considerate to give people a few moments notice by shouting "on your left" or something to let them know you're about to move on by.

5.  Stretching on the path?  NEVER.  EVER.  Just move off to the side where you won't be in the way!  Stretching in the middle of the path is BRUTAL with a capital B.  Don't forget you can also just truck right on through those that insist on stopping mid path by announing that you're "Comin' through"!

I hope that clarifies some of the rules of the road when it comes to running etiquette, Road Kill.  Running is hard enough without having to concern ourselves with idiots who obivously hve no common sense or courtesy.  If you encounter problems again, I highly recommend the jerseying technique.  Or the roundhouse kick...these people obviously need some sense knocked into them, after all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This makes me laugh.  Winterstart 2 years ago. 

Ellis is wearing a leg warmer.  And she has just destroyed me to become Leg Wrestling Champion of the World.  Giggle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Runnin' Down a Dream...

OK runners!  I put my dream out there!  Recall: marathoning A to Z!  And now it's time for you!  Think big!  Dream BIG!  What is your running goal?  Your running dream?  Maybe it's to run a race in a new and exotic place.  Maybe it's to run a race of a certain distance (10k, half, full, ultra?).  Maybe it's to run a certain distance in a certain time.  Maybe it's weight loss and improvement in health and fitness...

Whatever your dream is, I'm a firm believer in putting it out there into the universe.  When you put it out there it just becomes a bit more real- Yes?  No?  At the very least WE become a bit more accountable to the dream.  Does this mean wallowing in self pity should the dream not quite unfold the way in which we envisioned?  Of course not!  It means celebrating the small victories too, revising the plan when need be and keeping your eye on the prize.

So let's hear it!  I'm expecting a flurry of comments- got that?  A FLURRY!  I want to know...


And just in case you need some inspiration...