Thursday, June 24, 2010


Running, I miss you already.  Don't forget about me, please.  I'll see you in 10 days or so.  And I'm not cheating on you with yoga...we're on a break, remember?

Love, Andrea

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

26.2 in Pancake Form

Just in case anyone is wondering what 26.2 looks like in pancake form, here is it...

Lovingly made for me by one ARJR post marathon.  I enjoyed every bite.  Who knew we had an artist in the fam.  And one who expresses their creativity in pancakes.  Original.  I like it.

She also carved an "A" in the butter at my aunt and uncle's on Saturday night...

Nothing like leaving your stamp.  Nothing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toilets and Stairs- Ouch

This is me post marathon.  Please note that I had an odd number (first time ever- I like even better).  Also, please note the more than awesome homage to the marathon in the form of flowers in running shoes that my sister and I put up on her fence the day before the run.  Finally, please note the pic is taken post run, thus the sweat and awesome hair.  If I look dazed and confused I probably was!


It has come and gone...

I ran yesterday.  In the Manitoba Marathon if you recall. 

And just to back pedal a bit since I seemed to vanish in the last couple of weeks, I got sick AGAIN.  Yes, again.

But I still managed to have a wonderful race yesterday!  I finished in 3:15 which is about 30 seconds off my personal best.  This was good for fourth place overall on the women's side.  It was a beautiful day for a run- hot and humid which is just how I like it, and the marathon course was just great.  And I do have to hand it to all the Winnipeg those who volunteered, cheered and competed, it was a spectacular race from start to finish.  I will be back, that I can promise.

I also would like to give, a big, big shout out to my family.  You guys just rock.  Ains and Ty, thanks for putting up with me all weekend!  Ains, thanks for keeping me calm at the start, hanging out in the porta-john line with me, the good lucks hugs and for all the support- you are WONDERFUL.  And to Mom and Dad AND Ains and Ty- thanks for being at the finish!  I heard your cheering and it really, really helped on that stadium lap, because truthfully, I thought I was going to die at that point!  I should mention that my Mom and Dad came all the way from Kenora for the event, which I truly appreciate, since they have been VERY hard at work doing some home renovations.  And I have to hand it to Ty- he CRUTCHED all the way from where he had to park his truck to the finish and then back again. This was a long, long way and is what I will from now on refer to as "the marathon on crutches".  I really appreciated all the love and support, family!

So why didn't I PB?  Who knows, really...I was holding strong until about 6 miles out and then my quads just turned into bricks.  Or maybe cement.  I think I need to work my middle distance pace runs a bit more and I think my endurance could have been a bit better, although missing runs due to illness is just unavoidable sometimes.  I think I will endeavour to really, really push the last 5-6 miles of my long runs from now on.  The elusive 3:10 is JUST within my close I can feel it...

So today- I hurt.  BIG time.  Quads absolutlely screaming NOOOOOOOO everytime I hit the staircase...or have to pee...and although the massage today should help, I know for a fact that it will H-U-R-T with a capital H.  Short term pain for long term, gain, right??

I must say- I am looking forward to a good couple of weeks of rest and recovery before the punishment oops I mean training for Chicago begins!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Break out the Violins

AH.  Guess what happened? 

Training for the Manitoba Marathon was going well.  Better than well.  In fact, it was just downright FABULOUS.  I was feeling fast, the miles had piled up and up and up with no problems...

And then I got sick.  The kind of sick where you are in bed and can't move sick.  The kind of sick where you can't eat any sort of food sick.  No, not even water sick.  It totally, totally sucked.  And the biggest part of the suck- 1 full week off of running- and probably the most critical week at that.  It's like the universe decided to send me a great big eff u for some reason that I have yet to determine.  Anyhow, whatever the reason, the sick came at the most inconvenient of times and I am charting into unknown territory trying to figure out exactly what to do with my training in the last 17 days before my run.  Then again, I have to remind myself that running is not my job (I know- SHOCKING), and the sole purpose of the torture I will endure over the 26.2 miles in Winnipeg on June 20th is simply for the challenge and the fun and that's it.  I'm pretty sure I won't go to runner purgatory if I'm a wee bit slower than planned.  At least I hope not, its likely really bad there with no running shoes or places to run...ugh...

So I consulted the experts (that would be Nolan at the Tech Shop who has become my all knowing running guru) who assured me that all is not lost, to just continue on and the marathon will be no problem.  I suppose only time will tell.  And just in case anyone's wondering, I'm not longer angry at the universe.  Too much time and energy wasted on anger means less energy for running!  And I will need all the energy I can muster today for my last long training run!  EXCITING!  So close now I can feel it!