Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm going back to my roots.  And no, not with my hair.  I actually am a brunette.  With blue eyes.  Weird.

But this isn't about my hair or my eyes, it's about the fact that I am going to create the most amazing all metal running playlist.  Oh, ya, that's right.  I'm going back to my banger days of bush parties and Kenora dinner jackets.  Metallica- yes.  Megadeath- check.  Tool- yes PLEASE.  GnR- yes, yes, yes.  I may even sneak some rock in there. 

If you see me out running, I may be in lulu's and a Metallica t-shirt.  Do me a favour- give me a headbang and a "How she go?".  Much appreciated.

Rock on.


Anonymous said...

Dude, or should I say Dudette? How she go?

I totally dig and respect what you are saying, but it never hurts to broaden your musical horizons. Check out this English indie band:

Let me know what you think...

Andrea said...

I like it. Nice voice.