Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012. Bring It.

Lots going on in 2012 so far!

One: Resolution Run 5k this morning in the Peg with my amazing sis and lovely friend Chaney.  Windy but fun.  I especially enjoyed my post 5k chai tea latte.  Half sweet.  Skim milk.  Extra hot.  Yes, a bit high maintenance but worth every sip!

Two: Big Green Swamp Marathon, Dade City Florida, March 24, 2012.  Signed up.  Reptiles, spiders, swamp.  Sounds fun.  Sounds intimidating.  It will be awesome.  My very first trail race.  Will be a nice jog as I am clearly much more focused on my time goal for the Ottawa marathon, which leads me to three.

Three: Ottawa marathon.  May 27.  Goal: 2:59.59.  Just in case you missed it.

Four:  Time to start getting my buttertart butt in gear.  Xmas vacay has been wonderful...some cross country, some hill running, some workouts...but I feel like I have been waiting for go time.  So why wait any longer?  Training will start...right...NOW- or at least tomorrow morning.

How about the rest of you running peeps?  Got anything going on in 2012?  Looking to have anything going on in 2012?  How about a Half marathon clinic through the Tech shop?  How about coming out to a lulu run or two (deets to follow)?  How about setting some goals relating to your own health and wellness? 

And just a quick thought...

A healthy lifestyle does NOT start or end.  It is something you commit to.  Period.  There maybe days that you miss your workout or your nutrition derails, but that doesn't symbolize the end of the journey, just a small bump in the road.  Small details in the overall picture.  Next time you catch yourself saying, I'll start over next week...or next month...or after the weekend, consider WHY it has to wait.  Now is the time.  Yes, YOU CAN.

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