Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Running Skirt

What you are about to read is a VERY strong opinion on the running skirt. If you are the type that offends easily or has several running skirts in your running wardrobe, you may not want to proceed further. Or maybe you should read on- even if it is so that you can perhaps explain the logic behind the running skirt to me! Really, you can wear whatever the heck you want to wear when you're going out for a run as its really not supposed to be about the fashion (this from the girl that often asks if the model of Asics she likes comes in other colour choices) and I know I look foolish most of the time when I'm dressed for a run. After all, do running tights really look good on ANYONE?

Anyhow...I guess I'm not really AGAINST the running skirt, it's just more that I don't understand the whole thing. To me a skirt is something I might choose to wear to work, or to an occasion such as a wedding or a fancy dinner out with that certain man of mine...I would definitely NOT chose to wear it running. I was thinking this the other day as a saw a woman running on the track in a running skirt. If you really think you have great legs for a skirt and want to show them off (lets be honest, there's vanity galore at the gym) then can't you just get some really nice running shorts? Same length? Same material? Made for participation in athletics? Hmmm...

I would venture to say that the only time I would think a skirt should enter into the realm of athletics is in tennis. The tennis "skirt" is tradition and tons of the women on the Women's Tennis Tour wear them...but I dare say even in this case the tennis skirt has been taken a bit too far given the outfits some of the women are wearing on the tour these days!

ANYHOW- bottom line is that I will NEVER wear a running skirt. Never. Ever. And this is a promise I intend to least I think so...for now...

If you're going out there today for a jog, bundle up folks! Its c-o-l-d!

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