Monday, March 30, 2009

Reality Bites

Hello runners...

Please see all previous posts following holidays re: shames spirals and recommitting to health and fitness. And that's all I have to say about that.

Spring break. Bucerias. Wow. I heart Bucerias. I also seem to have developed a taste for margaritas, guacamole, and Mexican cuisine in general...yum, yum, yum...Also, I've decided I'm not really cut out for this cold weather thing. I'm just not hearty or prepared to put up with it any longer (notice that I say this like its a choice) and I am ready for spring, summer and no more snow. Do you hear that weather Gods? DO YOU HEAR IT? Please. No more snow. Those of us in training for races would greatly appreciate it.

So people...I did something unimaginable this spring break. I ran less and I ran on the beach. Let me tell you, running in the sand is HARD work. It is a totally different work out than running on pavement as my calves can tell you. It didn't help that we were almost always running at high tide which forced us to run on a slope. Between the sand, the slope and getting soakers when the waves crashed in it was tough sluggin', BUT it was SO lovely to be running in the warm sunshine with shorts and a t-shirt! I am over running in winter gear and slogging through the slush, of this I am certain.

Anyhow- I will leave you with this little is exactly TWO MONTHS until the Calgary full and half. So where should you be at if you are running the half? I would LOVE it if your long run was at about 1:45. I would LOVE it if you were running 3 times per week. I would LOVE it if you were enjoying your training. This next month is probably the most important in your preparation as this is where the bulk of your longest runs will take place. PLEASE don't miss your long runs. It is really important at this point to be getting them in. PLEASE listen to your body...nagging muscle soreness and aches and pains? Try a massage, try some yoga, try to get a couple days of good rest, but do listen to the bod! You definitely don't want a little pain to turn into a major injury!

Well, I must work. In between working I will be daydreaming about running, and more specifically, running on the beach with my hair blowing in the lovely ocean breeze...

Snow covered, slush filled running, reality BITES!

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