Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Plant

No, I'm not referring to the lovely green turned brown foliage I murdered at my condo a couple of weeks ago. I AM referring to the MASSIVE face plant I took whilst out for a lovely little pace run yesterday.

I would like to say it was because I slipped on a massive patch of ice since there are so many massive patches of ice running outside at this time of year, but sadly, no...I tripped on an uneven side walk and went down hard. Laughing? Funny, I know, but I think I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself much more seriously.

This happened quite fortuitously at the end of my run about 5 minutes from my house THANKFULLY since I had to limp home. There I was jogging along when I caught my toe on the lip of the sidewalk and I went SPRAWLING forward. And I do mean SPRAWLING people. It was a total yard sale...completely laid out on the muddy, wet sidewalk stomach down. Ouch. Luckily, I was able to get my hands up in time so I didn't break my teeth or scrape my face...unluckily I absolutely smoked my knee on the sidewalk and it is already turning a pretty shade of purple. Nothing a little tan can't cover up, I suppose! Again, it could have been much worse with broken wrists, teeth or more serious injuries to my knee, so I'm able to laugh this one off, especially since there was literally no one around to witness it!

Bottom line is this- BE CAREFUL those of you running outside. It is slippery. It is wet. There are hazards to avoid like uneven sidewalks and black ice on the concrete and dogs so focused on their business that they don't get out of the way in time!

On a much more pleasant note, please notice to the right the fabulous playlist complied by the lovely ladies who are part of the half and marathon training that is happening right...NOW! From this point on, these ladies will be referred to as Operation Get Shredded. They are truly spectacular in every sense of the word. In my mind I am envisioning them running along in their half marathon and marathon, rockin' out to the fabulous collection. Such a diverse and awesome collection of songs. It looks like I have some downloading to do...

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