Thursday, November 24, 2011

Running Love Out There!

In my self-wallowing and pity yesterday, I forgot to put the running love out there into the universe. So instead of feeling bad about feeling bad, I decided to post some running love!

I had two very fast friends race on the weekend with great results…

1. Dr.Oats, trail runner and ultra endurance athlete extraordinaire, raced a 50 miler in Texas. And guess what? He won. I should note that he is coming off an injury and a lot of rest from that injury, so this is a particularly amazing result.

2. P Diddy, pace bunny who helps me with my speed training, raced a 1:15 half marathon in Big Sur. He won his category and was just seconds away from his sub 1:15 goal. This is a very fast time on a rolling course.  I don't know very many people (well, I don't know ANYONE, actually) capable of carrying that speed over that distance. 

Running friends, I am humbled by your efforts. You are both so fast and so amazing. Lucky me for being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to run with both of you. This, in and of itself, I am certain, will make me a better and faster runner!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Andrea, thanks for the mention and making me feel like the star I am most definitely not :)