Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please Note.

Just in case people are wondering (and I know you all spend hours wondering what I'm up to these days- hee), it is official, I am registered for the Manitoba Marathon! 

The run takes place on June 20th this year (hoping for heat...crazy, but I LOVE running in the heat) and is a lovely, FLAT and fast course.  I am excited.  Should be a great day.  Now I just have to train.  Ah, the details of this whole running adventrue...

Second.  I would love to give a shout out to my peeps at the Tech Shop on 4th Street in Calgary.  Nolan and staff, you guys are FABULOUS!  Always cheerful and excited about running.  And as for the crew in the half marathon training on Tuesday, Thursday nights and Sunday morning...well, you guys rock.  I am totally impressed with your dedication and running prowess.  Last night we hit a VERY steep hill for 8 repeats, and each and every one of you did a fabulous job.  That was one tough hill!  Running comrades, please see Nolan and staff at the Tech Shop for all of your running needs- shoes, gear, gel, industrial strength bras (that's for you CH), advice, running gait analysis...these guys really do have you covered!  The Tech Shop- 4th Street

Third.  One last small deet.  ARJR, CH and I hit up the Banff Springs over the weekend.  LOVELY.  The only not so lovely thing??  The boot camp we attended in an attempt to "earn" our dinner on Saturday night.  More on that to follow...but let's just say I'm still sore...

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