Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Up The Mountain We Went!

Ains and Pyb came. We ran. We flipped. We did not get kicked out of our hotel. A monumental Winterstart for sure.

I should mention that it was a fabulous night for a run. Just as one should picture an evening run in the town of Banff…lovely snow falling against the mountain and tree back drop…picturesque indeed! Albeit a bit slick! But I am happy to report that no one wiped out on the run. After the bar on the way home, however, was an entirely different matter; and no, it wasn’t me! Luckily enough the only injury was to the “pride” as this lovely reported to the RCMP officer who witnessed the fall. Too bad this didn’t translate into a ride back to the hotel!

I would like to share the following (FUNNY) Winterstart results with ya’ll…

204 28/213 F3039 843 Andrea RICE Calgary 43:50 8:46
205 29/213 F3039 254 Amanda ELLIS Calgary 43:51 8:47
206 30/213 F3039 842 Ainsley RICE Winnipeg 43:51 8:47

Why so funny? Well, for starters, Ellis didn’t run as she is nursing an injured knee. So Ains ran with her own chip timer AND Ellis’…just because…and Ains and I ran together…so it’s VERY funny that Ellis managed to appear ahead of her in the results! Hee. Anyhow, another Winterstart bites the dust. And I hope to recover in time to participate next year.

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