Monday, May 25, 2009

Mind Games

Oh runners...

The marathon is a mere 6 days away.

And I am depressed. I feel like running has left me. Like it has broken up with me and tossed me aside for another runner with nicer shoes and a better playlist. Why, running? Why must we play such games?

I am in mid taper despair, people! I want to run. I need to run. I am CRAVING running. The weather is beautiful, work is slowly starting to wind down and really, its the perfect time for running. But don't worry...I will hold strong. I will not be wooed by running's attempts to win me back. No. I will be strong. Take that running.

OK, maybe just a bit harsh but I find the taper so incredibly difficult. All sorts of self doubting thoughts are in my head at this moment. Did I train enough? Is my taper too long? Should I just run today and not worry about the rest I'm supposed to be getting? One would think I am used to such thinking, but alas, every time the taper rolls around its the same thing. Running breaks up with me and I am devastated. I sure do wish my brain had an off switch!

So excited for Sunday. It is supposed to be perfect running weather- +16 and sunny! Fingers crossed everyone please! What a lovely day that would be for a run!

And now I must work.


Alicia said...

I feel the same way! I woke up this morning feeling guilty about missing my long run yesterday... I even caught myself thinking "Is it possible to gain a few pounds overnight?" Brutal.

Andrea said...

I TOTALLY understand the feeling of gaining a few pounds overnight, my friend...just think of the calories you will burn on Sunday and hold strong!!