Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grits, Guns and Greenery

Well runners, I spent the May long weekend in New Orleans.

Wow. I heart New Orleans. Big time. What a truly fabulous place. The food and drinks are FABULOUS, the people are FRIENDLY and the heat and the green were a lovely change from the frosty brownness that is the city of Calgary these days. It was a fabulous trip, albeit a bit of a whirlwind.

And you'll be please to note that I am not going to bore you with yet another blurb on recommitting to health and fitness following long weekend indulgence. What I will say is this: beer, crawfish, white bread, mojitos, wine, deep fried everything, hurricanes (the drink- I wasn't in one, don't worry), large breakfasts including grits, sausage and biscuits and more beer. I think we all get the picture and its NOT pretty. Definitely not the smartest diet in the 2 weeks preceding the marathon! However, you only live once, and DAMN those crawfish were tasty little jaspers!

I will mention that I went on 3 lovely jogs in the land of guns and accents. It was 90 degrees hot...and it was HUMID. LOVE humidity- makes your hair and skin feel oh so lovely-yes? Anyhow, it was tough slugging on the running path, although I did enjoy each and every second of it. Except maybe the last half hour of my 2+ hour run on Friday, completed after a very long night spent in the French Quarter. I will simply congratulate myself on getting out for that one- it was a huge mind over matter battle! I will also note that I felt like a rock star on parts of those runs due to the lovely low altitude! What a difference!

Marathon is is t-10. Ready to get-'er done. I'm starting to feel EXCITED!

Tapering? Feeling full of energy? Starting to feel nervous? Do tell, people!

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