Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Brighter Side

Half Empty:
Didn't get to race a potentially awesome trail run Dade City Florida, thus having to REMOVE a race from my alphabet goal list.

Half Full:
Had an amazing week in Florida with my family, including one wee H- bean, ARJR, Tee-dubs, J and K Rock.
Listened to my beaten down bod, gave it a long, well-deserved rest to prepare for the final training push to Ottawa in just 2 short months.  Eeep!
Runner up in the Rice-Wirvin family pickle ball championship of the world once I overcame fever and cough.
Was well enough to visit with some long lost K-city peeps who have the privilege of being year long Floridians.
Did not get chased, bitten or eaten by any Florida gators in the Big Green Swamp.
Did not get chased, bitten or eaten by any Florida poisonous spiders in the Big Green Swamp.
Was well enough at the end of the vacay to get a couple of good jogs in the heat and humidity.  And I LOVELOVELOVE heat and humidity.

I know there was also a very important lesson in this for me, too.  Remember my previous post about moving outside of the comfort zone to find the magic?  Well, after some hard thinking (admittedly, I had a bit of a pity party when I ultimately decided not to race) I realize the comfort zone for me would have been to really push it and run the race, which likely would have had a disastrous effect on my health and wellness both physically AND mentally.  The magic I found was to push aside the ego, listen to the body and to be at peace with the idea that sometimes, no matter how hard you train and no matter how badly you want to do something like participate in a race, sometimes you have to let it all go in order to do what is best and right for YOU in that moment and find the magic in that way. 

The glass is ALWAYS half full.  And sometimes it even has a curly straw in it too.

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