Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I love the Tech shop

There are several reasons.  Be prepared.  I'm about to list them.  And a quick note before I launch into the list, I would like to offer up a congrats to the Tech shop half marathon training group who ran the Police half route today for training.  Noteworthy is the fact that a great part of that route was at this moment in snowy time a goat trail with sketchy footing.  Thinkin' the stabilizers MAY be sore tomorrow.  But I digress.  Back to the very meat of this post...

6.   Shoes.  Tech Shop has a lot of running shoes.  All different shapes and colours and sizes.  It's like a running shoe explosion in there.  Maybe you should check it out.  It's on 4th street in Mission.  Do it.  They will have a shoe for you.  Yes, YOU!

5. The staff.  They just rock.  Nolan, Lauren and the crew WILL put you in the right pair of shoes, not just any pair of shoes.  Obviously, they know their stuff, since as I mentioned above, they have a lot of shoes and they need to be able to put runners of all shapes, sizes and strides in the right shoes.

4. Dog friendly.  Yep, swing on by with your pooch.  As long as they are well mannered, they are welcome!  Also, you should come and say hi to Casper, the Tech Shop bulldog.  He isn't always working but when he is, he's a trip.  He has the most adorable under bite.  I heart him.

3. Washrooms.  Yes, Tech shop has 2, and they are always open for runners that need to veer just slightly off the path for an emergency mid run pit stop.  And the staff doesn't even blink as I race by with a quick, "Hey guys, just need to use the washroom!"

2.  Running Knowledge.  The staff  have a lot of running knowledge.  Tons in fact.  And not just about shoes and gear, but about nutrition and hydration and races and the stride and training too.  In fact, as I've mentioned before, Nolan (Tech Shop king) has become my go to source for training info.  Or should I say my training counsellor, because I tend to be a bit neurotic about my training.  And he never laughs at me.  At least to my face.

1. Clinics.  The Tech shop puts on GREAT clinics.  They have half marathon clinics and learn to run clinics that you should consider checking out if you are a newbie.  It is a great way to meet some new folks and to take advantage of all the running knowledge that the clinic leaders have to offer up!

There are others, I'm sure, but these are my main reasons.  If you've never been, you should go now.  Right...NOW!  Head down to 4th street, say hello, check out the shoes and pet Casper.  I promise, you won't be disappointed!

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