Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Because

Um.  Love this song, love this video (warning- it's strange), love the message, love, love, love.

But most of all, love running to this one.  Highly recommend it, and in fact, give it the ARSR stamp of approval. 

And since I just suggested an amazing running song, I think you all should offer one up too.  I need some new running tunes.  Yes, please!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
This is the guy from the track with the brand new tan that is rapidly flaking off in this dry Calgary air. First, I have to admit that I did a search for your other race results and this blog came up. It is hilarious and I love it! (so different than the intense speedster at the track) and reading it - I get the distinct impression you like to
run? yes? :)

Second, I've NEVER posted to a blog before but feel compelled to offer some some running song suggestions that will add Canadian content to your ipod. And... I also have to shamefully admit I really like that Lady Gaga song as well.

My suggestions:
Metric: (Gimme Sympathy)
Sloan: (Good in Everyone)
Blue Rodeo: (Flying)

Hope you like them,