Sunday, February 27, 2011

Born to Run...Barefoot?

Runners!  Enjoying the -30 temps?  Enjoying layering up to run outside?  Enjoying large icicles hanging off the old head?  Not me, I am TIRED of this weather, and although I managed to get outside for 4, yes, 4, runs in this freezingest of freezing cold weather this week, I am tired of the cold and the running trials and tribulations that go with it and am ready for summer.  It is just so much more work in so many more ways to run outside in the winter, especially when its cold.

Remember before when I mentioned Christopher McDougall (author) and the book Born to Run?  Remember?  He recently did a talk at a Ted X event...and even if you're not a runner, the science is fascinating and worth 15 minutes of your time- this I promise.  Watch and consider- is this crazy barefoot running thing for you?  Yes?  No?  Comments?  Debates?   And one last thing, for those of you crazy enough to consider it...I seriously do NOT suggest a barefoot run in this weather.  Perhaps let's wait until summer to check this crazy barefoot theory out!

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