Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running Revelation

I am not running fast enough.

Simple.  I have set a VERY lofty goal of a sub 3 hour marathon and I have been running on cruise control.  The harsh reality of my not so quick running hit me like a slap in the face yesterday afternoon when I met up with a brand new running buddy who took me out for a speedy just under 10k. 

Of course, the ultra competitive side of me kept up with this ultra marathoner dude.  To be honest, this was probably a very easy run for him (and I should also note that he had already run to work that morning, had run from work to my house to meet me, went for a run with me, and then was running home- IMPRESSIVE).  We ran a 9.3k in 41 minutes, a totally decent and very fast run, but...and its a big BUT...should I have hopes of busting through that elusive 3 hour mark, I need to be able to sustain that kind of pace for much longer than 41 minutes.  The run yesterday was a brilliant reminder that I need to kick it up a notch.  My shorter training runs need to have much more intensity in so far as the speed goes since I seem to have mastered the endurance training portion of marathon prep.  Of course, as every endurance athlete knows, you still have to get those miles on the bod so its ready for the distance on race day, but the answer for running faster on race day is really quite simple...

Train faster.

And train faster I will.  Not just on the track on Tuesday, but on my Monday, Wednesday and Sunday runs.  Those of you who are training for time improvement should consider this is well...lets get rid of the cruise control runs and kick it up a notch, please!  I'm not suggesting that you hit the road for an hour and attempt to run at an all out pace for that whole time, because that would be CRAZY.  However, you do need to vary your speed on your shorter runs.  Pick up your pace, push, push, push and then take the speed back down and recover...and then repeat.  And then repeat again.   I think you get the picture!  You can do it- I promise, and it will feel awesome and super speedy!

And note- if you are in Calgary, then get your butt out there in this beautiful weather and get running.  I should say the well above zero balmy weather is preferable to layering up for the -30, yes! 


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