Monday, September 27, 2010

New Kicks

I have new kicks!  Asics (I know, SHOCKING...Ok- not really shocking) 2150's.  And I love them.  Just like plump little pillows on my feet.  Happy feet, happy knees, happy hips.  Happy, happy, happy.

And still on a happy note, they're purple!  Yes!  I love purple!  It's just so lovely when fashion and function come together, yes?  I hate to admit it but I have gone from running store to running store when the colour choice in my model did not impress me.  Often different stores carry different colours, just in case you didn't know.  Now you do!

One more happy thing.  Checked out the Chicago course online today.  Haven't looked at that thing since I signed up way back in February.  And guess what?  It's flat.  YES!  FLAT!  This is generally not a huge concern as I do train a lot of hills, but since this one is just for fun, I think I'll enjoy that flat course.  Take it all in.  Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment as the lulutians like to say.

Who knew so much happiness could happen on a Monday?

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