Saturday, September 25, 2010


A few little nuggets of running and fitness wisdom for ya'll my fine friends, just in case you are starved for a sordid tale from the pathway.  If only my life were that interesting...

A word about maintenance.  Race season is quickly coming to a close for many people.  Alternatively, even if you're not a racer, the weather will be turning soon enough (or now if you live in Calgary, current weekend weather not included) and for most of you, less running that will mean.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to maintain sense of endurance over the long winter months while still giving the bod a bit of a well-deserved break.

Personally, I like to scale back to about three runs a week in the off season.  I still keep in the habit of doing one longer, slower run.  Although distance wise, this longer run is much shorter than my usual longer run; I would not be out for more than 90 minutes.  Another run will be a 60 minute pace or tempo type run and then the third will be a speed interval OR a hill workout, but nothing crazy.  Alternatively, you could look at scaling back to 2 runs per week and getting involved in some alternative form of cardio- swimming, biking, whatever you like, really, anything to get that heart pumping.  The off season is when I really suggest people hit the gym to tune up all those running muscles.  Getting strong in the gym over the fall and winter often translates into an injury free running season which is always a fabulous thing.  And of course, stretching...lots and lots of stretching...I would encourage yoga, but in front of your TV at night works well too!

And one more thing...I trained a person today.  She shall remain nameless.  In fact, let's just call her Eunice.  A quick word about Eunice.  One- she's lost a TON of weight on her own.  Amazing.  I hope she realizes just how amazing it really is.  Two- she doesn't consider herself an athlete.  I disagree.  In the gym today she did a fabulous job.  I can tell right from the start that she has drive and determination- qualities that are indeed rare, my friends!  Three- she wants to learn to run.  And so learning to run we are.  We are working a 5k running program which she will dominate, of this I am certain.  November 14th- we have a date with a 5k!  Yes, yes, yes!  SO exciting!  I am honoured to be included on her journey.

And one more small thing...


T-15 days.  Can.Not.Wait.

I can.  And I will. 

Peace out.

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