Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Items of Consequence

Several items of consequence since my last post.  I will do my best to be brief.

1. The 14.5 mile Half Marathon
Oh the humanity.  To those ladies who ran in the Rocky Mountain Soap Half Marathon last weekend in Canmore, you can now inform those near and dear to you that you completed a 14.5 mile run...which is a full 1.4 miles longer than a half marathon.  Apparently the race organizer had to get creative with the course and opted on lengthening the course rather than shortening.  Interesting.  Very, very tough when you have wrapped your head around and trained for a 13.1 mile run!  I should also note that the last 5k were straight uphill and that there wasn't any water at the finish line.  Nice work to all those who stuck it out and finished.  An incredibly difficult run for sure, and it was hot to boot!

2. Bowness Park
Last weekend I went for a run in Bowness Park.  To be fair, it wasn't totally in Bowness Park.  We started around Home road and hit up "Blood and Guts Hill" and made our way through Bowness Park on the pathway.  On the way back we switched it up and ran the trails.  What a spectacular run!  And right here in the middle of Calgary...who knew?  I will definitley be making the trek over that way again.  Also, please note that I almost fell in the river only once. 

3. Manitoba Marathon
I am a month out of the marathon!  Can you believe it?  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I can't.  I suddenly feel as if there is a lot of preparation to do and a very short window to do it in.  Yikes.  Better be hitting those trails like no ones business. 

4. Calgary Marathon
The Caglary marathon is this coming weekend!  YESYESYES!!  So exciting!  Look forward to seeing CH and my running group at the finish!  Just checked the weather- partly sunny and 13- a great day for a run!

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Christine said...

Good luck next month Andrea! You can do it buddie! I ran the last 5 km up hill in Canmore because I knew you were waiting at the finish line for us with water! What a grueling but beautiful run! I think that if you enter a race - over 10 km the first priority of the organisors should be to get the distance right.