Friday, May 7, 2010

Etiquette 101

Running lovelies!

Just last week I received the following letter in my email…

Dear All-knowing, All-Seeing Running Guru Andrea:
A few weeks ago, I happened to run past a large running group consisting of about 25 people near 4th Street. At this point, they were just congregating around each other and stretching, so I ran around them and continued on my way at a comfortable pace. A few minutes later, I was swarmed by the running group on all sides and I was actually bumped and nearly tripped by runners passing and cutting in front of me...

I know I wasn't running as fast as them, but is it really necessary for physical contact? It's not like its race day. I actually stopped and crossed the street to avoid them.

Is there any running etiquette these days? What side of the road should we be running on? Do we run with traffic or against traffic? Should we only pass on the left? What are your thoughts?

Sincerely- Almost Road Kill

Let me begin by quoting a certain someone who is near and dear to my heart…


Well, Road Kill, these people are sure lucky they didn’t trample over me, because I may have jerseyed each and every one of them. And then round house kicked them. Thanks goodness there are even tempered and calm individuals such as you in this world or there would be random episodes of kicking and jerseying all over the running path!

As far as the etiquette thing goes, I think it’s more about common courtesy and sense, but since these people were obviously lacking in that department, let me respond to your questions.

1. If you are running on a path, stay to the right. When you are on the right side, try to not float around the centre line, making it a bit easier for people to pass you on the left!

2. If you are running on the road- run on the left side INTO traffic (although I don’t recommend this there are times when it must be done). This is the opposite of biking where you would go with traffic.

3. As far a passing on the left, this is the status quo. HOWEVER- if I’m passing, I generally try to accomplish this in the least intrusive way possible.

4. If you are running in a group, you DO NOT have the right of way just because you have more people!  You still need to stay on one side of the path.  When you come up on other runners or walkers it is considerate to give people a few moments notice by shouting "on your left" or something to let them know you're about to move on by.

5.  Stretching on the path?  NEVER.  EVER.  Just move off to the side where you won't be in the way!  Stretching in the middle of the path is BRUTAL with a capital B.  Don't forget you can also just truck right on through those that insist on stopping mid path by announing that you're "Comin' through"!

I hope that clarifies some of the rules of the road when it comes to running etiquette, Road Kill.  Running is hard enough without having to concern ourselves with idiots who obivously hve no common sense or courtesy.  If you encounter problems again, I highly recommend the jerseying technique.  Or the roundhouse kick...these people obviously need some sense knocked into them, after all!

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