Friday, May 14, 2010


What a weekend for a run!  Are you running this weekend, people?  ARE YOU?  Today?  Tomorrow?  Sunday?

Well, if you're not, then you should be.  More perfect weather for a run, I cannot imagine.  In fact, I was dreading my 3+ hours this afternoon until I woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures...and now I'm just downright excited.  So get out into the world and go for a jog, peeps!  Try it!  You might just fall in love...

But that's not what this post is about.

Its about this:

I know two people who are hitting the trail this weekend for this half marathon.  And I just know they are going to be amazing.  I am super impressed that they commited to the training for this run.  Both are busy moms with a lot on the go, so to make this committment and follow through, well... I think it's nothing short of spectacular! 

This run is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and supports supports breast cancer and  environmental initiatives.  I really do have to hand it to the female sector of the pop.  I mean, the xx faction is just better at organizing for a cause- no?  I think this looks like an incredible weekend; there are 6k, 12k and half marathon distances.  I volunteered at package pickup on Wednesday and I was impressed with each and every woman that has committed to a race distance.  For some, this will be the very first time they have done a race like this- EXCITING!  And on their behalf, I am putting nothing but good running vibes out into the universe for them.  How can you not be positive on a day like today?  I should also mention for my thousands and thousands of devote followers (sigh- a gal can dream) in One Great City (that would be Winnipeg) that there is going to be an RMS Women's Run in the dub in August.  Check it out if you're interested- RMS Women's Run- Winnipeg

So good luck to all!  But especially to KG and CES!  Have fun, enjoy the sunshine, and just take it all in.  Breathe, relax, and appreciate the moment.  See you at the finish line!


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Thanks Ains-tastic for your well wishes! I hope you are injury free and getting out... love to see you on your next visit out!