Friday, October 2, 2009

Snow, Snow Go Away

CRAZY busy. Crazy. Therefore, no blogging. For this, I am sorry! I'll do a quick post here just for a running update...

Tomorrow, I will be pounding the trails in Fish Creek Park for the Harvest Half Marathon! Yes, TOMORROW! I am currently attempting to block all of the usual doubts and questions that frequent my mind during the taper and pre-race period. Have I trained enough? Did I train the right way? Is my taper too long, short or just right? Mind, be quiet please!

I should also mention that it is supposed to snow 15cm in Calgary tomorrow. That's right, people, S-N-O-W. What would be really, really fabulous is if you could all take a small moment of time and ask the weather gods if they could just hold off on this for a few days. I would be eternally grateful- to them AND to you! And while we're in the habit of asking the gods for something, could we also just send a shout out to the marathon gods to keep one eye on me tomorrow during the race? It sure never hurts to have the marathon gods on your side!

And one last thing...I know you've heard it before, body is DONE. Ugh. I see a lot of yoga in my future. And perhaps many, many massages. No more running for me. This bod deserves some good rest and TLC, so rest and TLC is what it's going to get! Until I need to start thinking about the 5 mile uphill run that is Winterstart...but that's well in the future!

Hope everyone is enjoying their fall (soon to be winter) running!

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