Saturday, December 8, 2012

The #sweatlife

I'm livin' #thesweatlife.  Big time.

Not only am I in a self-imposed 21 day sweat challenge (simple: sweat each and every day for 21 days), a part of my new job involves #thesweatlife.



I'm learning all about how people get sweaty, get fit, get trained, and get limber in my new community.  There is no better way to do this research than to just get out there and do it.  To sweat it out in gyms.  And yoga studios.  And the great out of doors with runners.  And the track.  And spin classes.

I am having so much fun.  Have I mentioned I love my job? 

And because this is a running blog, I best be getting to some running nuggets.

And so...

Two marathons planned.  So very exciting.  One in May, one in September, BOTH in Saskatchewan.  Both taking care of letters in my alphabet challenge.  Training has already started.  Not the running type of training, although I am running a fair bit, the type of training that prepares the bod for the running training.  Strength, fitness, yoga, fun!  All in the name of planning to pound out a speedy 26.6 in Saskatoon and one in Regina.

New races, new training, same running love.  Can. Not. Wait.


Allison @ Train Eat Repeat said...

Yay i will be running the half in Saskatoon, and half in Regina! We'll have to find each other and say hello

i hope the giant hill at the end of the saskatoon course doesn't scare you off though :P its a doozy.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the comment, Allison! I hope your training is going well and I would sure love to say hi at those races! I'm not worried about the hill! The course is what the course is do I will just prepare and do my best. I actually love running hills. My favourite training! Curious that I ended up in Regina! :)

robb said...

You might even be able to cross off "Q" from your list if you run Regina. My medal says "Queen City Marathon". Then you can save "R" for Rome! And if you run Regina, you might want to consider headphones. Very flat and boring, and I think I saw maybe 10 people cheering on the runners. I asked a pace bunny where they run hills and she said they have to drive out to Lumsden!