Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nike vs Garmin

It's official.  My Garmin 405 died a long, slow, painful death.  It was a good run with that Garmin while it lasted.  It only took me a year to figure out how to use it beyond its basic function and then after what seemed to be constant malfunction, I can't actually say that I'm feeling overly sad that the Garmin 405 and I will no longer be running together.

This morning, I took the Nike GPS system out for a spin.  Just a test drive to see if this system will be a better fit into my running life.  Liked the look (although kind of hoping they make it in pink, liked the LACK of a bezel, liked the ease of moving through the different functions.  Like that it only costs about $250.00.  Did not like the length of time to link to satellites or the bulky feeling on my wrist, albeit I have small wrists! Seemed pretty straightforward and easy to use and I particularly enjoyed the digital fireworks show and excitement when I broke the 5 and 10km records on the watch, set previously I might add by a 19 year old practically Olympian male pole vaulter.  Perhaps my speed isn't totally lost after all!

Nike!  I'd like a custom pink GPS system please!
However, I'm not totally sold.  Not yet anyhow.  I hear whispers that the Garmin 910 is pretty damn awesome and shouldn't be overlooked just because I happened to have a bunk experience with the 405.  Truthfully, I kind of feel Garmin and Nike are vying for my running love.  I'm like a princess in running gear waiting for the Garmin and the Nike to joust for my affection.  What's a gal to do?

Garmin!  I'd like a custom pink GPS system please!  And maybe a free one?
Runners, can we weigh in on this debate, please?  Thoughts one way or another?  Although I'm enjoying my back to basic runs for reals, I know me and I therefore know that there will be a time when I am ready to head out for some serious speedwork in the form of intervals and I'm not even sure if the Nike system can be set up for specific distance repeats. 

Has the past poor performance of a Garmin 405 forced this princess in running gear into the arms of the Nike GPS?  Will she continue to be haunted by the ghost of Garmin past?  Or has the 910 tugged at her heart strings just enough. Only the input of other runners can possibly save this decision.  Stay tuned.

P.S.  I'm actually more of a mermaid than a princess.  Seriously. 

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