Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Community Love

Shifting the focus today, running friends!

Today, this post is all about you.  And you.  And you and you and you!

But as a quick intro, I would like to say that I feel so, so fortunate to be a part of the running community.  It is a community with an amazing energy that just never seems to stop.  It has taken me to some crazy races in crazy places and will continue to do so (thinking: Swamp in Florida. admission: terrified) but more than than, the running community has been an opportunity for me to find my tribe...to be with my peeps...to find family outside of my family, if you will.  I have had the pleasure of running with beginning runners and ultra runners and super fast runners.  Young runners and old(er) runners and new runners.  Marathon runners and trail runners and weekend runners.  Each and every one of these people, though, is united in the one common thread. Whether it is their first kilometer or their last training mile before a big race, they are all RUNNERS.  A part of the running community, sharing and creating the energy and always teaching and inspiring me to get into my shoes, hit the path and go running. 

Runners, this one's for you!

Sending running love, energy and well wishes to all of the runners in my life. To all of the A's: Andrea F, Andrea M, Angela and Alex W who are training away for first halves and marathon domination in the midst of busy lives including school, kiddies, work and everything in between, you ladies are all awesome.  To my peeps who are in the throws of recovery and injury rehab (that would be YOU Dr. Oats and Half of Move, Eat, Hug, Miss Kori), let's hope those injuries clear up soon and you show those Boston hills and the Roger's half how its done.  The fabulous Kay Dubs in Brandon Man, you are a woman of iron patience and will and I have no doubt that when you are healthy that Boston will be yours.  While we're on Kay's I cannot forget the fabulous Kay Zee who while I am traipsing across the swamp in FLA will be pounding the sand in a half in Maui.  I wish I could count your races in my alphabet challenge!  So many races in so many cool places! Of course I cannot forget P Diddy, and huge congrats to him for racing the first half half in a speedy 1:15.  I do not even have one small doubt that you will kick this plateau in the ass.  Seriously.  Take that plateau.  And to the Techies at the Tech shop training away for the Police Half, I like it.  Keep on truckin'.  And to the lulutians who meet up on Saturdays for a fun run, you are also amazing.  I like it.  I especially like it when those near and dear to my heart join the cause.  Thanks running friends.  You.Are.Awesome.  There are many, many people I know at the start of training, in the middle of training, almost to the race part of training, and I would really like each and every one of you to know this:

You are a PART of a community with an amazing energy that you contribute to each and every time you lace up the shoes and hit the pavement, track or treadmill.  Thanks so much for doing it.  Thanks so so much for being a part of it.  And most of all, thanks for allowing ME to be a part of all of your journeys. 

Running Love.  So very awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Reading this is a wonderful way to start the morning - thanks Andrea!