Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is How Things Are...

Update!  Very quick!  Too nice for typing!

Weather.  +30C.  Run.  Hill Intervals- 5 medium (45sec), 5 long (70sec), 5 short (30sec).  Intervals in between- Pushups and a variety of squats and jumps.  Total time 1 hour.

Fitness.  Lacking.  This just about killed me.

Inspiration- NEEDED!  Anyone?  Anyone?  NYC beginning to frequent my thoughts.

And now I must swim.  I'm hot.

P.S. Still not an aunt.  But waiting patiently!


Scott said...

NYM is sooner than you think! That should be motivation for you!

I've got a sprained ankle and not running much right now - so run because you can!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Scott! I will be runnning because I can- totally the right attitude!

Hope that ankle heals FAST. Keep me posted on training!