Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a Running Explosion!

At least it is according to the people at lulu...

One chaney and I were in one of the mall lulu's on Saturday...which we decided was completely against the lulu philosophy...and we were informed by a rather chipper luluite (or is it lulutian?)  that "Running is exploding this year."

It made me gigle. I pictured this...

But instead of fire I pictured all of these mini runners bursting out of the explosion and scurrying every which way.  Interesting.  Ok- maybe just weird.

Please people.  Can we weigh in on this?  First of all- is running REALLY exploding this year?  And more importantly- is it luluite or lulutian?

1 comment:

Danelle said...

Doesn't running 'explode' every January? This blast they speak off will wear off come March :)

Luluology-the study of women in tight work-out gear. I think you call the women that wear them Lulutians.